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I’m worried that there will be a lot of upheaval and mess if I have my boiler changed or heating installed.

Heat4homes Ltd is run by a small dedicated team of Gas engineers who always treat you, your family and your home with the utmost of repect. On any installations:

  • We always cover work routes and work areas with a “specialised protective carpet tape” simlar to cling film but built to protect your property.
  • We keep work areas clear of debris and tools.
  • If works take more than one day, we will leave you with temporary heaters!
  • We always keep you informed of our plans before, during & after any works!
  • We remove ALL our rubbish once we have finished.
  • We pay great attention to the asthetic finish.
  • We pay equal respect to your neighbours, ensuring that they are not incoveined.
How long would a boiler change or heating system take?

Boiler change usually one day. Full system usually 2 to 3 days.

My system is old, I want to update it to a combination boiler, what is involved in this?

Different houses have different layouts, but your old boiler and all your existing tanks would be removed & the new boiler could go in a variety of locations, gaining you space and saving you money on your gas bills!

If I have a new boiler fitted in an old system, will the old system need cleaning?

We always manually flush a system, by first adding a chemical cleaner into the system around 3 days proir to the new boiler being installed, then on completion we flush the system with hot & cold water. This is basic good practice, but on old and sludged up systems we:

  • offer the choice of a “powerflush” prior to installing a new boiler, which is the most effective way of cleaning your old system, but with any “best choice”, it is also the most expensive, costing between £350 to £500. This option is not “pushed” onto our clients and is totally your choice.
  • A more popular choice is to have a magnaclean installed for a cost of £150. This constantly traps metallic debris and can be emptied with each service or more regularly if you wish.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Information

% of appliances checked (UK)
When Appliances were checked




Last Year


2 Years ago


3 TO 5 Years ago


5 Years ago

According to the figures from Corgi’s carbon Monoxide report 2008, from April 2007 to march 31st 2008, there were 63 reported poisoning incidents in the uk. Out of that there were 21 fatalities & 125 Casualties.

52% of these incidents were directly due to lack of servicing.

22% of cases were due to bad installation.

17% of cases were caused by poor repair of gas appliances. This could be related to high levels of illegal gas work, finding show that the danger of this lies not only with businesses that take on gas work without corgi registration but also with homeowners who try to fix gas appliances themselves or who get in a family member of friend to do the work with a view to saving money.

Around 12% of people in the midlands have never had their gas appliances checked!

25% of people do not think they are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Warning signs that an appliance may be releasing carbon monoxide Can either be a yellow / orange or uneven flame, this can be evidence of incomplete combustion. A healthy flame should be crisp vibrant and blue. Other indications of incomplete combustion are Soot deposits around the appliance (There should NEVER be any soot marks around an appliance) The pilot light frequently goes out. Condensation forms in the room were the appliance is situated.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can be confused with flu like symptoms because the two have similar effects. Dizzyness, nausea, headaches, general Lethargy, chest or stomach pains, mental ability impaired. Persons affected can feel better when they are away from the house with the faulty appliance or when the appliance is turned off for a time. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning turns the skin pink and lips red, so despite being asphyxiated, the effected person does not turn blue as you would expect.